S4TL100 – 100 Ampere SCR Power Controller – Single Phase – Phase Angle – Inductive Load


Current Rating 100 Ampere
Phases Single Phase
Firing Mode Inductive Load
Input Voltage 80-480 Vac
Output Voltage 0-480** Vac
Control Signal  (0-10v) (0-5v) (4-20ma) (5KΩ)
**Maximum Output Voltage limited by Input Voltage



Quantum SCR Phase Angle Transformer Load SCR are optimized for but not limited to the following constant resistance elements/heaters/loads that are used with transformers or other inductive loads.

     Immersion heaters, Medium wave infrared, most all ceramic and Cartridge heaters, Wire/Coil Heaters including Nichrome.     

If you don't see your application listed please look at our SCR selection guide to help make an informed decision.

  • Phase Angle Inductive Load Control
  • Adjustable current Limit
  • 1-25 sec adjustable soft-start
  • Current over protection

Transformer Load SCR are a type of phase angle used in inductive applications like that of an isolation transformer or a motor. The TL SCR is designed to protect from the high initial inrush currents that inductive loads produce. They have an infinite resolution allowing for fine control of quickly changing loads like lamps. They have a higher potential for RF or harmonics but this rarely shows up in applications. Soft starts make this easy on your elements avoiding rapid changes in state greatly increasing longevity.

Use any controller like Watlow and Omega to control your SCR

Our SCR is a direct replacement for any other make SCR, like Omega, Watlow, Johnson and Chromolox

This is a single phase unit and controls one hot leg.


Price: $559.00

Shipping: $37.00

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