About Us

Today we supply SCR to some of the biggest manufacturers in the world, like BASF, Textron, Bombardier, Abbot Labs and many more.

Quantum SCR
A company with roots in Aerospace and Manufacturing
Quantum SCR is an Advanced Product Technologies company located in Southern California. APT started in 1982 as a manufacturer of Thin film Deposition systems and related equipment.

These products were used in the manufacture of products like the Maverick and Sidewinder missiles, the heads-up-displays for the Space Shuttle and optics for the Hubble space telescope as well as countless other projects. These projects required advanced technologies to meet the needs of a fast moving aerospace and defense industry. We met those needs by building exactly what our customers asked for at a price within their budgets.

Through out the 90s we also began to manufacture specialized computer peripherals for film and video and introduced automation and embedded processing into our line of automation process control products.

In 1994 we developed an SCR that could endure the High Energy Laboratories that our systems were used in.

In 1998 we began to provide our SCR control packages separately from our automation systems and created Quantum SCR to provide items needed in process heating control.

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