50 amp
For use with constant resistance loads
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The largest factor to killing electronics is high temperatures and our SCR are designed around that principle. Starting with a  thermo-dynamically efficient enclosure that also creates a touch-safe environment, the whole body of the SCR is the heat-sink, allowing cooling air to flow its entire length. The T6PA50 is the perfect SCR to control constant resistance loads (Use our automated selector to help pick out your SCR). This unit can be controlled by any standard controller, computer or by using the supplied potentiometer for manual control. Easy communication and power hook up with screw terminals and lugs.
Model # T6PA50
Line Voltage:
Load Current:
  • Models available for use with all load types.
  • Multiple control inputs. (0-10v), (0-5v) or (4-20ma). A potentiometer is included with face plate to allow for manual control as well
  • On-board line fusing.
  • Adjustable current limiting
  • Over-current protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Compact and economical
  • 2500 Vac RMS isolation between input/output and line voltage/heatsink.
  • Forced Air (fan) convection cooled.
Applications: Electric ovens, furnaces, kilns, heaters with constant resistance loads. Ni-chrome, Calrods and other wire heater elements.
Length Width


9.84in 5.51in 7.28in 8.4lbs
Warranty One year parts and labor.
Price $572.00
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Single Phase

Current Zero Crossing Phase Angle Inductive Load Current Control
240VAC  Single Phase
30 S2ZC30 S2PA30 S2TL30 S2CC30
50 S2ZC50 S2PA50 S2TL50 S2CC50
75 S2ZC75 S2PA75 S2TL75 S2CC75
100 S2ZC100 S2PA100 S2TL100 S2CC100
125 S2ZC125 S2PA125 S2TL125 S2CC125
150 S2ZC150 S2PA150 S2TL150 S2CC150
225 S2ZC225 S2PA225 S2TL225 S2CC225
300 S2ZC300 S2PA300 S2TL300 S2CC300
400 S2ZC400 S2PA400 S2TL400 S2CC400
600 S2ZC600 S2PA600 S2TL600 S2CC600
480VAC  Single Phase
30 S4ZC30 S4PA30 S4TL30 S4CC30
50 S4ZC50 S4PA50 S4TL50 S4CC50
75 S4ZC75 S4PA75 S4TL75 S4CC75
100 S4ZC100 S4PA100 S4TL100 S4CC100
125 S4ZC125 S4PA125 S4TL125 S4CC125
150 S4ZC150 S4PA150 S4TL150 S4CC150
225 S4ZC225 S4PA225 S4TL225 S4CC225
300 S4ZC300 S4PA300 S4TL300 S4CC300
400 S4ZC400 S4PA400 S4TL400 S4CC400
600 S4ZC600 S4PA600 S4TL600 S4CC600
600VAC  Single Phase
30 S6ZC30 S6PA30 S6TL30 S6CC30
50 S6ZC50 S6PA50 S6TL50 S6CC50
75 S6ZC75 S6PA75 S6TL75 S6CC75
100 S6ZC100 S6PA100 S6TL100 S6CC100
125 S6ZC125 S6PA125 S6TL125 S6CC125
150 S6ZC150 S6PA150 S6TL150 S6CC150
225 S6ZC225 S6PA225 S6TL225 S6CC225
300 S6ZC300 S6PA300 S6TL300 S6CC300
400 S6ZC400 S6PA400 S6TL400 S6CC400
600 S6ZC600 S6PA600 S6TL600 S6CC600

Three phase

Current Zero Crossing Phase Angle Inductive Load Current Control
2 Wire 3 Wire
240VAC  Three Phase
30 T2ZC30 T2ZZ30 T2PA30 T2TL30 T2CC30
50 T2ZC50 T2ZZ50 T2PA50 T2TL50 T2CC50
75 T2ZC75 T2ZZ75 T2PA75 T2TL75 T2CC75
100 T2ZC100 T2ZZ100 T2PA100 T2TL100 T2CC100
125 T2ZC125 T2ZZ125 T2PA125 T2TL125 T2CC125
150 T2ZC150 T2ZZ150 T2PA150 T2TL150 T2CC150
225 T2ZC225 T2ZZ225 T2PA225 T2TL225 T2CC225
300 T2ZC300 T2ZZ300 T2PA300 T2TL300 T2CC300
400 T2ZC400 T2ZZ400 T2PA400 T2TL400 T2CC400
600 T2ZC600 T2ZZ600 T2PA600 T2TL600 T2CC600
480VAC  Three Phase
30 T4ZC30 T4ZZ30 T4PA30 T4TL30 T4CC30
50 T4ZC50 T4ZZ50 T4PA50 T4TL50 T4CC50
75 T4ZC75 T4ZZ75 T4PA75 T4TL75 T4CC75
100 T4ZC100 T4ZZ100 T4PA100 T4TL100 T4CC100
125 T4ZC125 T4ZZ125 T4PA125 T4TL125 T4CC125
150 T4ZC150 T4ZZ150 T4PA150 T4TL150 T4CC150
225 T4ZC225 T4ZZ225 T4PA225 T4TL225 T4CC225
300 T4ZC300 T4ZZ300 T4PA300 T4TL300 T4CC300
400 T4ZC400 T4ZZ400 T4PA400 T4TL400 T4CC400
600 T4ZC600 T4ZZ600 T4PA600 T4TL600 T4CC600
600VAC  Three Phase
30 T6ZC30 T6ZZ30 T6PA30 T6TL30 T6CC30
50 T6ZC50 T6ZZ50 T6PA50 T6TL50 T6CC50
75 T6ZC75 T6ZZ75 T6PA75 T6TL75 T6CC75
100 T6ZC100 T6ZZ100 T6PA100 T6TL100 T6CC100
125 T6ZC125 T6ZZ125 T6PA125 T6TL125 T6CC125
150 T6ZC150 T6ZZ150 T6PA150 T6TL150 T6CC150
225 T6ZC225 T6ZZ225 T6PA225 T6TL225 T6CC225
300 T6ZC300 T6ZZ300 T6PA300 T6TL300 T6CC300
400 T6ZC400 T6ZZ400 T6PA400 T6TL400 T6CC400
600 T6ZC600 T6ZZ600 T6PA600 T6TL600 T6CC600